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Contact Center - Wrap Up

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MiCloud Connect Contact Center is a hosted call center with enterprise-grade performance. Designed for easy operation, real-time actionable reporting and key features for optimal performance.

Wrap up codes are used to define call purpose for reporting

While active in a call, you’ll find the wrap up code icon

This allows you to indicate the purpose of the call while still active with the caller

Once the call is concluded and either you or the customer has hung up the call will, by default enter wrap up mode

Your status will change to wrap up and a meter will show what time you have left in wrap up

First, click on the box to expose multiple codes

You can enter a single code or multiple codes

You can either end your wrap early, or if you need more time click the Extend Wrap icon

To complete wrap up, you can click end wrap or allow the time to expire normally

Wrap up durations are set by the administrator

When wrap up is completed, you will automatically be placed in a resume/start taking calls mode

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