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MiCloud Connect - Changing Your Availability State

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The Connect Client presents a single interface to manage business communications using a Mitel desk phone, computer, or mobile phone. With support for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Collaboration for Web, the Connect client simplifies your day-to-day communications and streamlines your work.

Selecting a predefined Availability State

  1. On the dashboard, click the drop-down menu below the <username>.
  2. Select one of the following availability states:
    • Available 
    • In a meeting  
    • Out of office  
    • Do not disturb  
    • On vacation

A check mark is displayed next to the current set state. 

Adding a Note to Availability States

You can add a custom note to each availability state on Connect client. 

To add or edit an availability state note: 

  1. In the drop-down, hover over the selected availability state, and click the pencil icon.
  2. In the Additional Note field, enter the description.
    You can enter description up to 50 characters.
  3. Click Done to save the changes, or Cancel to discard.

If you do not want to add or edit the note, click Back to go back to the availability state drop-down menu. 

Configuring a Custom Availability State

  1. On the dashboard, click hte drop-down menu bellow the <username>.
  2. In the drp-down, click Custom and select one of the availability sate color:
    • Green - Available
    • Yellow - Busy
    • Red - Not available
  3. Enter your custom status. Click Done to save changes, or Cancel to discard.
    Click Back to go back to the availability state drop-down menu.

The custom availability status and color is displayed on the <username> tab.

Allowing a Contact to Manage your Availability State

You can configure a contact to manage your availability state on the Connect client.

To manage your availability state, the contact must meet the following requirements:

  • The contact must have added you to a contact group.
  • The contact must have a Workgroup Supervisor or Operator license type and be configured with a specific class of service in Connect Director

To allow access to a contact to manage your availability states:

  1. On the dashboard, click the <username> tab.
  2. On the second pane, click ⚙
  3. Click Account > Access.
  4. Type in the contact name for whom you want to allow access, and close the page. The contact is configured to change your availability state until you revoke access by removing the contact from the Access page.
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