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Mitel IP480g/485g Ad Hoc Conferencing

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The SIP-based 400 series IP phones are available in two models, IP480g, and IP485g, ranging from a basic phone to a more advanced backlit color display phone. The 400 series phones have superior sound quality on the handset and speakerphone, multiple line appearances, an ergonomic design, easy to read display, and convenient access to features including voice mail, directories and conferencing.

Two Ways to Start a Confrence Call

  1. The blind conference call - When the recipient answers the phone they will be put into the conference call.
  2. The consultative conference call - You will be able to have a private conversation with the recipient and can choose when to add them to the conference call.

Making a Confrence Call

  1. Dial the extension of the first person you would like to add to the conference call, then consult with that person.
  2. Press the Conference button
    • The call will be put on hold.
  3. Dial the extension of the next person you would like to add to the call.
  4. You will have the option to quickly do one of the following: 
    • Press the Conference soft key to initiate a blind conference call.
    • Press the Consult soft key or wait until the timeout ends to initiate a consultative conference.
    • If you have the permissions, you may press the Intercom soft key to connect with the other party through the intercom.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • While the phone rings proceed to step 6. 
    • Wait for the person to answer and consult with them.
  6. If You have initiated a consultative or Intercom conference, when prompted press the Yes soft key to proceed with the conference.

    Once the call is established the phone will show the other participants in included in the call.
  7. Repeat the above steps for each additional person you wish to add. 
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