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ShoreTel Communicator - Exporting Voicemail

by Damian Stalls Updated on

Quick Video


This video demonstrates the process of exporting voice messages to your computer.  This is required when your ShoreTel server is running low on space or when migrating to a new system.

How To:

  1. In ShoreTel Communicator, right click on the voice message you want to export / save on your computer.
  2. Select "Export to .wav File".
  3. Create a folder where you want to save voice message files to.
  4. Open the new folder, and edit the voice message file name for easy reference in the future.
  5. Repeat the process for other messages to be saved.

The standard audio player in Windows may not be able to play these files.  If you experience this issue, in Windows Explorer you can right click on the voice message file and select "Open With > Google Chrome".

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