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Mitel IP480g/485g Phone Speed Dial

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The SIP-based 400 series IP phones are available in two models, IP480g, and IP485g, ranging from a basic phone to a more advanced backlit color display phone. The 400 series phones have superior sound quality on the handset and speakerphone, multiple line appearances, an ergonomic design, easy to read display, and convenient access to features including voice mail, directories and conferencing.

Setting up Speed Dial

Follow the below steps to create a new speed dial entry.

  1. Press the options key.
  2. Enter your voicemail password
  3. Select dial number.
  4. Select the line for the speed dial entry (line 1 cannot be selected).
  5. Enter the extension or the outbound number followed by the number. 
  6. Press next
  7. Enter a label for the contact
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