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Email Preview

by Damian Stalls Updated on

The email preview displays a message with its original formatting. For security reasons, contents and images that are referenced externally will be downloaded and displayed only upon request.

Open Email in Email Application

The toolbar item Open provides access to the functions Open as MSG and Open as EML. This allows users to open the displayed message in an external email application such as Microsoft Outlook (MSG), Mozilla Thunderbird (EML) or other. These may be used to answer or forward archived emails.

Restore Email

The toolbar item Restore allows to send the displayed message to an arbitrary email address.

Please note: Before this function can be used preparations have to be done by an administrator. Please refer to SMTP Settings for more information.

The toolbar item Print allows users to print the displayed message.

Show Internet Headers

The toolbar item Internet Headers shows the internet headers of the displayed message as well as all MIME parts.

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