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Login to E-mail Archive

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If the E-mail Archive Outlook Add-in is not pre-configured, you will be asked to log in to E-mail Archive as soon as you click any button in the E-mail Archive Outlook Add-in. Please refer to your system administrator for the server name and your access data.

Deleting Saved Access Data

If you would like to log in to a different server or use different access data, you may have to delete the existing access information saved in Microsoft Outlook. Please proceed as follows:

  • Click on Settings in the E-mail Archive Outlook Add-in
  • Click on Clear Cached Credentials.
  • Click on OK.
  • Click on any button in the add-in to go back to the login window.

Technical Considerations

  • The E-mail Archive Outlook Add-in uses the HTTP server integrated in E-mail Archive to access the archive.
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