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Searching by Folder Structure

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Visible-Archive sorts all archived email into Visible-Archive's own folder structure. Below the main folders, the individual email sources (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Exchange mailboxes) and their folder structures (e.g. Inbox) are listed.

Viewing the Emails in a Folder

To view the emails in a folder, simply click on the folder name. The emails will be listed below the folder structure.

Click on the text Sorted by: value to change the order in which emails are displayed. Emails can be sorted according to:

  • Date
  • From/To (sender/recipient of the email)
  • Subject

Click on the Field to the right of Sorted by ("New to Old" in the screenshot) to reverse the order in which emails are arranged. By default, the latest email is displayed first.

Refreshing the View

To refresh the list of folders, click on a folder and press F5 on your keyboard.

Click on the folder again to refresh the list of emails.

Creating, Renaming and Deleting Folders

Information about how to create, rename and delete folders is available in the chapter The Visible-Archive Folder Structure.

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