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Installation & Update

by Damian Stalls Updated on

The E-mail Archive Client setup file that matches your Visible-Archive version is stored on the Visible-Archive machine. Follow the Install E-mail Archive Client on other Computers link on your desktop and copy the corresponding setup file to the client computer.

It is a regular Windows setup program, that can by executed on the appropriate client computer by double-clicking on the setup file. Just follow on-screen instructions.

Notice: Alternatively to installing the E-mail Archive Client application manually, you can also deploy it to the client computer though the Active Directories Group Policy feature. More information on that can be found in the article E-mail Archive Client Deployment

Is an update installed on the Visible-Archive computer, E-mail Archive Client updates itself automatically on first login to stay compatible with Visible-Archive. Therefore a re-installation of E-mail Archive Client is usually not required.

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