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The Visible-Archive Folder Structure

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For each user, Visible-Archive creates a folder on the highest level of the folder structure which corresponds to the archive of the respective user. It contains all emails that were archived for this user and is labeled My Archive.

If the user has access to the archives of other Visible-Archive users (as Visible-Archive administrator, for example), their folders are listed as Archive of User Name under the top level folder Other Archives

Below these main folders, the individual email sources (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Exchange mailboxes) and their folder structures (e.g. Inbox) are listed.

Deleting Folders

Folders and the emails contained therein can only be deleted after the appropriate user privileges have been assigned explicitly by the administrator. If the folder to be deleted contains any subfolders, they will be deleted as well.

Moving, Renaming, and Creating Folders Manually

Within Visible-Archive, folders can be moved, renamed or created. Regular users can only do this within their own user archive, while Visible-Archive administrators can move and rename folders beyond the boundaries of user archives. During the archiving process, Visible-Archive adopts the folder structure and the folder names of the source (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Please note that moving large archives across the borders of user archives can take some time because the emails being moved have to be gathered by the full text index of the target user.

The features New Folder...Rename and Move to Folder... can be accessed by right-clicking on the corresponding archive folder.

If a Visible-Archive administrator renames a user archive (Folder: Archive of user name) without renaming the corresponding user, an empty archive will exist with this user name until it is changed.

Deleting Emails

Highlight the emails to be deleted by clicking on the emails while holding down the control (Ctrl) key. Holding down the Ctrl key and pressing A will highlight all emails. Right-click on the highlighted item(s) and select Delete. Users are only allowed to delete emails if they have received this privilege explicitly from the Visible-Archive administrator.

Please keep in mind that allowing users to delete emails is not recommended; assigning such privileges makes it difficult, if not impossible, to comply with legal requirements regarding the storage of emails.

Moving Emails

Highlight the emails to be moved by clicking on the emails while holding down the control (Ctrl) key. Holding down the Ctrl key and pressing A will highlight all emails. Right-click on the highlighted item(s), select Move To Folder... and select a destination folder. Alternatively, drag and drop the highlighted emails into the destination folder. Emails can only be moved within a user archive unless you are a Visible-Archive administrator.

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