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Visible-Archive offers an integrated email preview displaying emails the same way as standard email applications. To activate the preview, simply click on an email or use the arrow keys to highlight the desired email in the list.

The menu bar above the email preview shows all functions available for the email currently displayed.

Save as...

Click on Save as... to save the current email in any Windows folder. Emails can be saved in the following file formats:

  • RFC822 EML - These files can be opened independently from Visible-Archive by double-clicking and can be moved to applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird by drag  drop.
  • Outlook MSG - These files can be opened with or imported to all versions of Microsoft Outlook directly.


Using the print function, the email currently displayed will be printed including header information such as Date and Subject.

Find in Email

Click on Find in Email... to search the message body of the current email.

Internet Headers...

Click on Internet Headers to view the header of the current email, including all MIME parts.

Message Source

Click on Message Source to show the full source of the current message including all MIME-parts.

Delete (only with the appropriate privilege)

Click on Delete to delete the current email from the archive. Please keep in mind that, in order to use this function, the appropriate privilege has to be in place.

Reopening Emails in an Email Application

Emails previewed in Visible-Archive can be reopened in any email application to reply to or forward them. Select an email client you want to open email messages in first, by clicking on Email Client:. Visible-Archive only lists email clients that are supported and that are installed on the computer from which E-mail Archive Client is executed.

Depending on the selected email client, additional button may be visible:

  • Open in email client - Open the current message to the selected email client. Please note, that emails are simply opened, not stored, in the application. To restore emails to an email application, please use Visible-Archive's Export Feature.
  • Restore to email client... - Restore the current message to the selected email client. If further settings are required an additional button Settings.. will be shown.
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