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Requirements and Install

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E-mail Archive users can access their archives using a convenient add-in for Microsoft Outlook. A list of supported Microsoft Outlook versions can be found under System Requirements.  


E-mail Archive should be in use and the add-in for Microsoft Outlook should be installed on the appropriate machine. In this case, a toolbar (up to 2007) or a tab (Outook 2010 or later) labeled "E-mail Archive" will be visible in Microsoft Outlook.

Installation & Update

The E-mail Archive Outlook Add-In setup file that matches your E-mail Archive version is stored on the E-mail Archive machine. Follow the Install E-mail Archive Client on other Computers link on your desktop and copy the corresponding setup file to the client computer.

It is a regular Windows setup program, that can by executed on the appropriate client computer by double-clicking on the setup file. Just follow on-screen instructions.

Notice: Alternatively to installing the E-mail Archive Outlook Add-In application manually, you can also deploy it to the client computer though the Active Directories Group Policy feature. More information on that can be found in the article E-mail Archive Outlook Add-in Deployment

If an update is installed on the E-mail Archive computer, E-mail Archive Outlook Add-In usually stays compatible with E-mail Archive. Therefore a re-installation of E-mail Archive Outlook Add-In is usually not required.

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