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Please see the detailed steps below for Requesting Service within MyPortal:

  1. Login to MyPortal.
  2. Click on "Support>Request Service".
  3. Pick from any of the relevant categories.
  4. Provide as much information as possible in the "Request Service" form.
  5. Click on "Submit" to submit your service request.
  6. To view status of your service request click on "Support Tickets".
  7. All submitted tickets with open status would be listed on the right side.
  8. To view tickets with closed or waiting status click on the appropriate tab.
  9. To manage your ticket, click on the ticket you had recently submitted.
  10. Notice that you can select between closing or cancelling the ticket.
  11. Once a ticket is closed it removes from "Open" queue and gets added to closed tickets.

*Some service types may require approval from your Admin.  The Admin will be notified as soon as the service is submitted.  Once ticket is approved a technician will be assigned to begin working on the issue.  Support types that need approval will be identified when the issue is being reported.

Note: You also have the ability to Download your tickets by clicking on the Download button in the upper right hand corner as shown in video. Keep in mind that this feature will download tickets in .xlsx format so you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your machine to view all your tickets. 

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