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How to Submit Tickets and Service Requests

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Why Should You Use the Portal?

When you submit a ticket or service request through the portal, your request goes directly into our internal resolution queue that’s tracked by our entire team. With the portal:

  • You can track your own tickets, so you always know what the status of things are.
  • You get the fastest possible resolution times with priority queuing.
  • You reduce and eliminate back-and-forth emails asking for additional information.

If you require assistance during any point of process, don’t hesitate to reach out to support by emailing [email protected] or calling 805-856-1806.

1. Log in to the Portal

Start by logging into the portal. Once you’re logged in, the system will automatically open a tie tickets you open to your name, so we can get back to you as soon as possible.

To log in, visit MyPortal.Visible-IT.com and enter your credentials (either your Office 365 login or an email token).

Microsoft Login

Email Token Login

2. Find the Problem Report/Service Request Menu

Depending on your home screen view, you can find the support requests in two different areas.

Support icons are located on the Support Home page or the MyHome page depending on your setup.  You should see icons like this:


You can also find the same options on the left-hand menu, like this:

You’ll need to either submit a problem report ticket or a service request ticket based on need.

What is the difference between Problem Reports & Service Requests?

Problem reports are for errors and IT problems.

Service Requests are for things like ordering new equipment, on-boarding new users, setting up accounts, and more – things that IT can help with, but are not specifically problems.

3. Submit your Ticket or Service Request

Click either “Report a Problem” or “Request Service” to see your available options.

Click on the category and individual item within that category that best suits your needs and fill out the fields as required. Once you’re all set, click [Submit].

Submitting a Problem Report
Submitting a Service Request

4. Tracking and Updating Your Tickets and Requests

Once you’ve submitted your ticket and/or service request, you can track the status using the “Ticket Updates” button on the home page, or the “Support Tickets” option in the menu, as seen in step 2.

Users within the portal will be able to see and track their own tickets only.

Company admins will be able to see tickets input for the entire company.

You can also review tickets that are Open, Closed, and Waiting via the tabs at the top of this view.

A view of all open tickets.
A view within an individual ticket.
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