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Why MyGlue

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MyGlue is a password management and collaboration solution designed for clients of IT services companies and tightly integrated with IT Glue. MyGlue can also be extended toward process management to combine teams, passwords, and documentation in one seamless experience.


Have you ever been stuck in a situation with no access to an important administrator account? Or you needed to get into your co-worker's computer for whatever reason? With MyGlue, your team can share passwords and processes between and within departments. All they do is add the details to MyGlue and give the right people access. 


You probably know by now that your computer hard drive is no place to keep a password. It's too insecure. Sharing passwords over email is just as risky. MyGlue can store your passwords and also secure them for you (passwords are saved in encrypted form). That means you always have the information you need and never again have to store or send passwords insecurely. 


Process Optimization

MyGlue supports a culture of process orientation and improvement by giving you a place to document your business processes and link them to the relevant passwords. It can also simplify your employee on-boarding and training. When someone starts a job or needs to apply a new skill, they can refer to information in MyGlue to learn the steps to take and the systems to log in to.


Disorganization can take the form of documentation scattered in multiple places, and through having multiple shared credentials with no system for managing them. MyGlue helps with that by letting you streamline and centralize all your documentation and business passwords with easy, yet controlled access.

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