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Report a Problem for Company Admins

by Fahd Saeed Updated Jul 17, 2020

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Please see the detailed steps below for Reporting a Problem within MyPortal:

  1. Login to MyPortal.
  2. Click on "Support>Report a Problem".
  3. Pick from any of the relevant categories.
  4. Provide as much information as possible in the "Report a Problem" form.
  5. Click on "Submit" to report the problem.
  6. To manage problems reported by other users within your company click on "Support>Support Tickets".
  7. All submitted tickets with open status would be listed on the right side.
  8. To view tickets with closed or waiting status click on the appropriate tab.
  9. To manage ticket, click on the ticket submitted by user within your company.

  10. Notice that you have several options on this screen which you can use to get further details on the problem. Please watch the video for further instructions on how to use these options. 

Note: You also have the ability to Download your tickets by clicking on the Download button in the upper right hand corner as shown in video. Keep in mind that this feature will download tickets in .xlsx format so you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your machine to view all your tickets. 

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