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Reporting Emails In Outlook Web

by Damian Stalls Updated Jul 20, 2021

Follow the steps below to report a suspicious email using the [Report Phish] button in Outlook Desktop.

Using the Report Phish Button

1. Select the suspicious email in your Inbox.

2. Click the red [C] button (Report Phish) in the message actions.

Please note that it may take a moment for the C to appear.  Depending on the applications you have configured, it may also be located under the (More Actions) button (the three dots).

3. In the side panel that opens, click [Scan This Email Now] to start the scan process.

Optionally, you can click the [Report As Phishing] if you are confident that the email is phishing without scanning the email.

Email Scan Report Outcomes

When you scan an email, you will receive one of the three following outcomes:

1. Email Threat Detected

Do not click on any links or attachments contained within the email.  If you disagree with these findings and you believe the email is safe, please report it as not phishing.

2. No Email Threat Detected

No threat indicators were detected during the email scan.  If you still suspect the email, you should report it as phishing.  Additional details can be seen at the bottom of the scan result.

3. Suspicious Indicators

The scan analysis did not have a conclusive result.  Some suspicious threat indicators were detected in the email.  If you suspect the email, you should report it as phishing.

Reporting an Email

Reporting an email as Phishing or Not Phishing helps improving accuracy of email categorization.  Your contribution helps protecting your fellow workers from outside threats.

When you select “Report as Phishing” or “Report Not Phishing”, we encourage you to provide additional feedback by selecting indicators or by adding your feedback.  This will help increase accuracy within the CIS platform.

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