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Email Banner Alerts

by Damian Stalls Updated

Warning Banner

When an email is confirmed as dangerous by Cyren Inbox Security (CIS), the following banner may appear at the top of the email.  In addition to this banner the email may be moved to either your Junk or Deleted email folder.  Do not click on any links in this email, open attachments, or follow any directions given by the sender as they may be dangerous.

It is important to not open files, click on links or reply to emails that contain this banner.

If an email has a warning banner and you believe it is clean, click the [Report Phish] button and select “Report As Not Phishing”.  Please provide feedback on why you disagree with this classification.  It is recommended that you should wait for the banner to disappear before proceeding with email, as removal of the banner is confirmation that a Cyren Incident Response (CIR) engineer has confirmed the email as clean.


Notice Banner

This banner is added to emails that include suspicious indicators that could indicate an impersonation or fraud attempt.  In such cases you will want to ensure that the email is legitimate and was sent from this individual.  If you believe the email to be phishing use the [Report Phish] button to report it.

This banner will automatically stop appearing when the mailbox behavioral analysis indicates that the sender can be trusted.

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